A Warm and Gentle Welcome

Nurturing Children from Birth to Age Three

Part of the Gateways Series



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The Gateway’s Series just gets richer and richer and more and more useful. WECAN’s newest offering, A Warm and Gentle Welcome is packed with some of the best articles I’ve seen addressing the needs of the youngest children and what adults in a wide variety of situations can do to meet them.

I don’t think there is anyone who cares about children and about the future of our world who is not deeply troubled and concerned about what I will simply call the general insensitivity and lack of wisdom that seems so widely rampant when it comes to the care of young children.

What I love about A Warm and Gentle Welcome is that rather than simply saying that we must recreate our world from scratch, the authors one by one address modern necessities (for instance, the fact than many mother’s quite simply must work outside the home in order to help provide for their family and children), and offer suggestions and approaches for working with them out of their own successful experience. For me, this is an invigorating, health-giving breath of fresh air, one which I believe will serve our children and world very well indeed. In this book is hope, and the direction and help to make it a reality.


  • Foreword by Susan Weber
  • Introduction by Trice Atchison and Margaret Ris
  • The Changing Needs of the Family – The Fundamental Needs of the Child
    • Meeting the Needs of the Times by Cynthia Aldinger
    • Do We Know Why We Do What We Do? An Interview with Helle Heckmann by Margaret Ris
  • The Developing Child in the First Three Years
    • Emmi Pikler’s Trust in the Wise Infant by Jan Swain
    • The Wonder and Complexity of Motor Development in Infants by Vanessa Mitchell Kohlhaas
    • Fostering Healthy Language Development in Young Children: A Journey in Relationships by Susan Weber
    • Thinking and the Consciousness of the Young Child
  • Caregiving as an Art
    • The Sacred Art of Observation by Theresa Catlin
    • In Their Shoes: Reflections on Cooperative Caregiving by Kristen Fiegl
    • What’s All the Talking About? by Kim Lewis
    • Making Peace with Toddler Conflict by Trice Atchison
    • Tending and Cherishing the Living Spiritual Forces in Childhood by Joyce Gallardo
  • Working with Parents
    • Building Bridges: How Infant-Child Classes Can Help Support Families by Donna Stusser
    • A Gradual Transition to the Nursery by Marilyn Pelrine and Kirsten Carr
    • A New Vision for Creating Partnerships with Parents by Margaret Ris
    • In Praise of Simple Joys by Carol Nasr Griset

Compiled from the work of the WECAN RIE/Pikler Working Group

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