Tell Me a Story

Stories from the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America

Edited by Louise deForest


Illustrated by Deborah Grieder and Jo Valens


The good people at WECAN are very much to be congratulated – they have produced what is, in my opinion, the finest collection of stories for young children ever published in English (maybe in any language, but others will have to judge that).  Tell Me a Story brings together in one volume over 80 stories told and loved in Waldorf kindergartens throughout North America, and as such really offers a resource that can last throughout a lifetime.

Wherever there are children, the cry of “Tell me a story . . .” is heard, and in Waldorf education, storytelling is an integral (and often favorite) part of each day.  Stories connect us to one another, give us a sense of who we are, and can help to guide us into the future.  Tell Me a Story is filled with treasures for all ages and all occasions.  Whether you are a teacher, parent, grandparent, caregiver, or just a lover of good stories, you will find inspiration and nourishment in these pages.

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