Mary’s Little Donkey and the Escape to Egypt

Gunhild Sehlin

3rd Edition

Illustrated by Jan Verheijen; Translated by Hugh Latham and Donald Maclean



From Nancy:
Our family read this story every advent for years. I divided the book into 24 parts, reading each one after we opened the next door of the advent calendar for that night. The copy of the story we had did not contain the Flight into Egypt, so our reading stopped at Christmas Eve. Had we been able to do so, I would have divided the Flight into Egypt into 11 parts and read one each of the Holy Nights following Christmas Eve. I still can’t think of a better – and simpler – way to celebrate that time of year. You can begin your own tradition when your oldest child is about 4. Your younger children will be captivated by the interest of the eldest and can fully participate in this evening ritual.

From the Publisher:
A long time ago in the Holy Land lived a dirty little donkey who hated hard work. And then he met gentle, kind Mary, and his world changed forever. When Mary and Joseph are told they have to go to Bethlehem, who will carry Mary on the long journey? And when Herod’s soldiers come looking for them, who will help them escape across the desert to Egypt? This is an exciting and beautifully told version of the Christmas story and the early years of little Jesus’s life, from a unique, child-friendly perspective. It is ideal for family reading through the Advent season.

Gunhild Sehlin worked for over twenty years as a UN children’s worker in Jordan and Jerusalem.

This new edition replaces the out-of-print Mary’s Little Donkey and the Flight to Egypt.

144 pages, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, 2012.

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