The Tomten

Adapted by Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by Harald Wiberg



The Tomten is quite simply one of the best children’s stories ever written. Years ago, we read this book (and it’s companion, The Tomten and the Fox) to our children over and over. All of us loved it and the warmhearted magical little fellow who watches over the old farm while the people sleep. Tomtens are Swedish elemental beings who care for farms at night – and our children discovered that they also care for homes at night. When winter came with its snows, all our children started watching for Tomten tracks. Sure enough, the Tomten always came around each night! [It’s amazing how much Tomten tracks look like cat and raccoon prints . . . ]

The Tomten warmed our hearts and gladdened our lives for many years – I’m sure he’ll do the same for you! Ages 3-8 – and all adults!

Here is a lonely old farm where everyone is sleeping. All but one . . .

The Tomten is awake. He lives in a corner of the hayloft and comes out at night when human beings are asleep. He is an old, old Tomten who has seen the snow of many hundreds of winters. No one knows when he came to the farm. No one has ever seen him, but they know he is there. Sometimes when they wake up they see the prints of his feet in the snow. But no one has seen the Tomten.

– from The Tomten

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