Fee Fi Fo Fum

A Waldorf Reader

Text by Arthur M Pittis

Illustrations by Ausa M Peacock


Back in print!


I have no trouble at all imagining the thrill of delight children will experience as they discovers that now they can read some of their favorite stories themselves. Arthur Pittis retells 24 folk and fairy tales from around the world in this volume, using progressively controlled and increasingly rich sight and phonetic vocabulary development from story to story. Sentence structure also develops throughout the book, taking the young reader from simple sentences to a variety of complex structures in the course of the year.

AND – and this is most important of all, at least to me – these stories simply sing with interest. There is nothing stilted or “dumbed down” about them, even the first one is alive in the telling and rich in the reading. This book and the entire series are a triumph in pedagogical reading material. Hallelujah!

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