The Mitten

A Ukrainian Folktale

Adapted and illustrated by Jan Brett

Hardbound, dust jacketed, large format


The Mitten

Nicki wants new mittens as white as the snow. Grandma doesn’t think that’s a very good idea, for when he drops one he’ll never be able to find it against the white snow. But Nicki really, truly wants white mittens, so Grandma knits them for him. And, of course, he drops one and can’t find it.

But other creatures have no trouble at all finding it and, one by one, climbing into it (Grandma must have used very resiliant wool!). After about a dozen animals have crowded into the mitten, one of them sneezes and off flies the mitten into the air where Nicki sees it against the blue ski. Do turn the very last page for the unspoken but delightfully illustrated conclusion is to be found after the words stop.

This retelling is not only a joy to read, but there are little vignette illustrations at the margins of each page that make the story all the more magical.

A treasure for any child ages 3 and older.

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